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  Welcome to SR Infosystems(SRIS)
SR INFOSYSTEMS(SRIS) software is a global software Development and IT Consulting Company in India. SRIS software provides information technology solutions and services, committed to deliver innovative superior qualities.
Our collection of ideas and abstracts are compiled by experts in the industry. Everyday more and more projects are being added into the system. A dedicated team of working professionals are working their free time to make this site useful for the students searching for computer and electronics projects for their final year academic project.

SRIS combines professionalism and Technical competence with experience gained from working with world-class companies. An early pioneer in the IT marketplace, SRIS is strategically positioned as a potential supplier of IT consulting and offshore services and has grown to be a global ERP, PHP ORACLE, JAVA ,.NET,Embedded, Micro-Controller,Robotics & consulting company. Learn More...
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SRIS Project SRIS Project SRIS Project SRIS Project SRIS Project
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 Embedded System & Micro-controllers
All final Year Engineering Students Are you looking for Embedded System Projects at an affordable price With training And with guidance SR INFOSYSTEMS(SRIS) this is a right place for you. We provide Project ideas and abstract with world class quality.
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Software has become a forcemultiplier in today's globally compatitive world.At SRIS we develope world class window application,web application using latest technologies like .Net,JAVA,PHP etc. Everyday more and more projects are being added into the system.
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 Bio-metric/Smart Card
Biomatrics comprises methods of uniquely recognizing humans upon one of more intrinsic physical or behaviour traits.In computer science,in perticular,biomatrics is used as a form of indentity access management and access control.
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 Top Projects :
Project Name Human-Joint Control Robot.
Project Name Land mine detector and diffuser robot.
Project Name Microcontroller based Trafficlight Controller.
Project Name Microcontroller based Fire monitoring System.
Project Name Air Polution & Traffic Singnal Control.
Project Name Blood Pressure Level Monitoring System
Project Name Online Files & Photo Sharing.
Project Name Send SMS via remote monitoring system.
Project Name Online Issue Tracking System.
Project Name Online Office Automation System.
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Bio-Metrics Smart Card
Advance C Automobile MySQL php
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