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Bio-Medical Projects
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SRIS BIO01 Live Human Detection and Alerting Robot
SRIS BIO02 Microcontroller based LPG Gas Leakage Detector
SRIS BIO03 Temperature and Humidity Measurement Systems for Agricultural Purpose
SRIS BIO04 Automatic Patient s Heart Beat and Body Temperature Monitoring for Remote Doctor
SRIS BIO05 Hospital Emergency Caring Systems
SRIS BIO06 Infant Monitoring Systems Using CO2 Sensors
SRIS BIO07 Digital Heart Beat Monitor.
SRIS BIO08 Reduce the Potential Risks for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
SRIS BIO09 Respiratory Rate and Temperature Monitoring.
SRIS BIO10 Heart Beat With RF Indication
SRIS BIO11 Aeronautical Safety Systems.
SRIS BIO12 Air Pollution based Traffic Signal Controller .
SRIS BIO13 Alcohol Detection With Vehicle Control.
SRIS BIO14 Detection of CO2 Level Using RF Wireless Systems.
SRIS BIO15 Effluence based Traffic Signal Control Using Pollution Monitoring Sensor
SRIS BIO16 Smoke Alert Systems for Industries.
SRIS BIO17 Vehicle Accident Prevention Using Eye Blink.
SRIS BIO18 Automated Place Announcement Systems for BTS Bus or Train With Voice Chip.
SRIS BIO19 Patient s Blood Pressure Level Monitoring Systems.
SRIS BIO20 Temperature , Respiration and Pulse Rate Monitoring and Alarm.
SRIS BIO21 Respiration and Pulse Rate Monitor.
SRIS BIO22 Robotic Wheelchair for Disabled Person.
SRIS BIO23 All Surface Movement Robots for Live Human Detection In Erath Quake Areas.
SRIS BIO24 Air Pollution Based Traffic Signal Control
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