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SRIS Project Code Project Title
SRIS EPEP01 DC Motor Controlling System Using IGBT Control.
SRIS EPEP02 Automatic Vehicle accident information system.
SRIS EPEP03 Audio communication through optical fiber or laser beam.
SRIS EPEP04 Intelligent security system for apartments.
SRIS EPEP05 Gear Level indicator.
SRIS EPEP06 Intelligent Bank Security System.
SRIS EPEP07 Two Wheeler Automation with Security System.
SRIS EPEP08 Variable Speed Conveyor Belt.
SRIS EPEP09 Automatic Temperature Controller with Cooling System.
SRIS EPEP010 Intelligent Emergency Light.
SRIS EPEP011 Automatic College Bell with Announcemnet System.
SRIS EPEP012 Over Speed Controlling System for People Zone.
SRIS EPEP013 Automatic Railway Track Crack detecting Vehicle.
SRIS EPEP014 Intelligent Way Finder Vehicle.
SRIS EPEP015 Electric Two Wheeler with Rechargeble Battery.
SRIS EPEP016 Automatic Water Level Sensing Circuit.
SRIS EPEP017 Path Finding Cum Vedio Analyzing Robot.
SRIS EPEP018 Clap Operated Motor or Fan.
SRIS EPEP019 Home Automation With Security System.
SRIS EPEP020 Remote Control Door Open/Close System.
SRIS EPEP021 Automation Railway Gate Controller.
SRIS EPEP022 Sensor Based Track Guided Vehicle
SRIS EPEP023 Wind Energy Vehicle.
SRIS EPEP024 Automatic Rain Operated Wiper.
SRIS EPEP025 Automatic Wash Basin.
SRIS EPEP026 Wind Trubine Power Generation System.
SRIS EPEP027 Railway Accident Avoiding System.
SRIS EPEP028 Automatic Industrial Fire Fighter.
SRIS EPEP029 Wireless Speed Control of DC Motor.
SRIS EPEP030 Remote Control Car.
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