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Microcontroller Based Projects
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SRIS Project Code Project Title
SRIS MICR01 AC Motor Speed Controller With RF (8051)
SRIS MICR02 DC Motor Speed Controller With RF (8051)
SRIS MICR03 Web Based Travel Management Software.RTC based Street Light Controller.
SRIS MICR04 Automatic Room Light Controller With Visitor Counter.
SRIS MICR05 Micro Controller based Traffic Light Controller.
SRIS MICR06 Micro Controller based Password Based Door Security Systems.
SRIS MICR07 Microcontroller based Fire Monitoring Systems in Petrochemical Industries.
SRIS MICR08 Design 0-5V Digital Power Supply With Microcontroller.
SRIS MICR09 Designing the 100hz to 50 Khz Digital Frequency Mater Using Microcontroller.
SRIS MICR10 Designing a Digital Thermometer by using a Selected Temperature Sensor.
SRIS MICR11 12C protocol based Real Time Clock Control Application.
SRIS MICR12 DC Motor RPM Measurement.
SRIS MICR13 Smoke Detection using Microcontroller.
SRIS MICR14 Automatic Street Power Saving Systems With Light Dependent Resistor.
SRIS MICR15 IR (Infrared )Remote based Steeper Motor Speed and Direction Controller.
SRIS MICR16 Temperature Sensor With LCD For Industries.
SRIS MICR17 Automatic Tank Filling ,Monitoring and Controlling Systems.
SRIS MICR18 Digital Programmable Power Supply.
SRIS MICR19 Industrial Monitor Cum Controller .
SRIS MICR20 DC Motor Speed Control.
SRIS MICR21 Micro Controller based Infrared Remote Controller Application.
SRIS MICR22 Data Encryption and Decryption PC-to-PC Using Microcontroller .
SRIS MICR23 Design and Implementation of Wireless Data Transmitter.
SRIS MICR24 Micro Controller based Digital IC Tester .
SRIS MICR25 Micro Controller based Pressure Monitoring Systems .
SRIS MICR26 Digital Temperature Indicator & Controller With DAS &Analyzer .
SRIS MICR27 Digital PID Controller for Multi Channel Temperature.
SRIS MICR28 Microcontroller Controlled Power Supply For Testing Application.
SRIS MICR29 Prepaid Electricity Billing Automation &Cost Indicator.
SRIS MICR30 RF based Wireless Data Transfer between two Microcontroller.
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