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 Project Training & Development at SR Infosystems(SRIS) :
SR Infosystems(SRIS) had grown consistently in the past few years, staring with developing project for Engineering and MCA students. Today the organization has developed to act as a backbone in industries and as a stepping-stone for Engineering and MCA students with the landmark in Bhubaneswar.
Project Training & Development We found a big gap in technology transfer between industries and educational institutions. Our mission is to act as a catalyst and in one sentence, we are wanted to bridge the gap between the industry and educational institutions. SR Infosystems(SRIS) gives Project Training for the Final year Students to the various Engineering colleges.

As a part of the projects and development training, we offer Projects keeping in view he latest emerging trends and technologies under Parallel Development Process.
 Students With Project at SR INFOSYSTEMS(SRIS)
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 Project Lists :
 Software Project Section :
Software Projects .Net(VB.Net,C#.Net,ASP.Net)
Software Projects Advance JAVA
Software Projects PHP
Software Projects C/C++
 Hardware Project Section :
Software Projects Electronics
Software Projects Microcontroller
Software Projects PC Based Projects
Software Projects Embedded System
Software Projects Bio Metrics/Smart Cards
Software Projects Mechatronics
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 Basic Project Categories :
Project Category Our collection of projects are compiled by experts in the industry. Every day more and more projects are being added into the system. A dedicated team of working professionals are here for the students, searching for computer and electronics projects for their final year academic project.
 SR Infosystems(SRIS) offers Projects in following technology domains :
Project Domain
Project Domain
Project Domain Microcontroller
Project Domain App. Software Development
Project Domain Client Server Technologies
Project Domain Programble Login Controller
Project Domain Sensor Based Projects
Project Domain PHP,MYSql Based
Project Domain Embedded System
Project Domain RFID & Smart Card
Project Domain Hydrolics
Project Domain PC Based Interfacing
Project Domain System Software Development
Project Domain Web and Internet Technologies
Project Domain Bio Metrics
Project Domain Authentication Based
Project Domain Windows Applications
Project Domain Web Applications
Project Domain VLSI Design
Project Domain Refrigeration Technology
 Most Viewed Projects :
 Software Projects :
Live Project Online Files and Photo Sharing.
Live Project College or University Search Engine.
Live Project Online Issue Tracking System.
Live Project Payroll Management Systems.
Live Project Online Cinema Ticket Booking.
Live Project Online Stock Management System.
Live Project Online Real-Estate Management System.
Live Project Online Job Search
Live Project Online Criminal Information System.
Live Project Hospital Management System.
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 Electronics/Mechanical Projects :
Live Project Human-Joint Control Robot.
Live Project Land mine detector and diffuser robot.
Live Project Microcontroller based Trafficlight Controller.
Live Project Microcontroller based Fire monitoring System.
Live Project Air Polution & Traffic Singnal Control.
Live Project Blood Pressure Level Monitoring System.
Live Project MAGLAV Train - Moves forward in magnetic field.
Live Project Powerful fire extinguisher with camera.
Live Project Landmine detector and diffuser robot.
Live Project PC Based ROBOT.
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