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SRIS Project Code Project Title
SRIS SW001 College or University Search Engine.
SRIS SW002 ERP for a Consultancy.
SRIS SW003 Web Based Travel Management Software.
SRIS SW004 Hotel Management.
SRIS SW005 Purchase and Stock Management Software.
SRIS SW006 Online Blogs.
SRIS SW007 Online Job- Career Mart
SRIS SW008 Call Center Management.
SRIS SW009 NGO Management
SRIS SW010 Online Computer Distributorship Management.
SRIS SW011 Feature-reach Management
SRIS SW012 Online Society Management.
SRIS SW013 RMS (Resource Management Systems).
SRIS SW014 E-Post Office Management
SRIS SW015 Customer Call Tracking Systems.
SRIS SW016 Online Real-estate Management.
SRIS SW017 Online Exam.
SRIS SW018 Online School Automation Systems.
SRIS SW019 Online College Automation Systems
SRIS SW020 Online Training Management.
SRIS SW021 Online Cinema Ticket Booking.
SRIS SW022 Criminal Information.
SRIS SW023 Online Stock Management.
SRIS SW024 Online Payroll Management.
SRIS SW025 Employee Information Systems.
SRIS SW026 Library Automation System.
SRIS SW027 Online Office Automation.
SRIS SW028 Online Attendance Management.
SRIS SW029 Departmental Store Management
SRIS SW030 Sales Management Systems.
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